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Project Manager (Contract)

Job Type:







The description hereafter refers to the entire scope of works for the project including Stages 1, and 2.
Task: Design Review and Supervision of Construction, Testing and Commissioning Works

It is envisaged that the Project will have the following Contract packages:

EPC contract for the Hydrogen electrolyser plant (including the hydrogen piping to the off taker site)
Option: EPC contract for the Solar Plant split across both sites

The Consultant shall perform all necessary Services for the supervision of above Contracts for the design, construction, testing and commissioning of the abovementioned plants

Project Manager (Contract)


Job highlight:

Ø Job status: 1 year-Contract role| 6-days’ work week

Ø High Salary


Project Narrative

• Client intends to renovate and fit out part of Level 2 for production works to serve APAC business needs. The work scope involves relocation of existing security room/ lockers and setting up of new production lines and storage areas to support capacity expansion.

• Level 2 has a total area of floor area of 121,063.89sqft with the Outpost area occupying an approximately 32,000sqft ad FA Laboratory occupying 37,670sqft. The other areas are the VMI storage area and office area.


Scope of Work

1. Work as client’s owner’s representative and be directly responsible for driving cost, schedule, and quality while managing construction vendors and contractors, overseeing cost consultants

2. Check that applications for statutory approvals are submitted in accordance with the project schedule.

3. Participate in the General Contractor bid review discussions, including internal, and directly with vendors to support scope, programme, responsibilities clarifications.

4. Provide assessment, analysis and post tender queries of all General Contractor tender returns

5. Provide recommendation for General Contractor bid. The owner’s representative will not have the authority to decide on the appointment of the General Contractor.

6. Assist in briefing the awarded General Contractor on its duties, the project itself and the roles of the other members of the Project Team.

7. Monitor that the General Contractor submits the necessary information to the relevant statutory bodies

8. Review, assess and comment on General Contractor’s master programme, micro programmes and all other schedules relating to this project

9. Check that the necessary planning and building regulations and fire officer approvals have been obtained before work starts on site. Work alongside partner teams including Operations, Security, and Commissioning.

10. Enforce the Construction Contract to minimize costs and seek to obtain client on the lowest reasonable costs for the Project.

11. Provide oversight of construction document management including submittal review, RFIs, RFAs change orders, and invoicing, etc.

12. Provide weekly reports, which must include updated snagging and issues lists, as reasonably requested by client in connection with the Project.

13. Advise and provide recommendations to client regarding decisions required

14. In the event that any aspect of the Project appears likely to fail to achieve client's objectives, work with client to prepare an agreed upon suitable corrective action and monitor its implementation.

15. Monitor the Design Consultants and the General Contractor in their performance of their services.

16. Assist in attaining prompt responses to the General Contractor’s requests for information in conjunction with the Design Team in such a manner to maintain the project schedule.

17. Monitoring and reporting on status of RFI’s, Equipment submission approvals and reporting of status and potential risks and coordinating close out in a timely manner.

18. Monitor construction progress to ensure it is in accordance with client's requirements.

19. Direct interface with construction general contractors during the execution, and project closeout/punch list phases.

20. Facilitate coordination of scope and schedule amongst base building and site developer, General Contractor, Owner Furnished Contractor Installed (“OFCI”) equipment suppliers and the various consultants that make up the Project Team. Report to client Construction Manager any issues, risks or opportunities that became apparent from this coordination.

21. Verify and report General Contractor receipt of OFCI delivered to site.

22. Monitor the Work and ensure that it progresses in accordance with the project schedule, and work with the Project Team to find acceleration opportunities, including potential for overtime work and schedule sequence alterations. Coordinate with the Project Team to mitigate any potential schedule delays. Participate in weekly progress meetings with contractor, subs, utilities, and other interested parties.

23. Secure project documentation from the Contractor and ensure proper document control

24. Participate in weekly project meeting, commercial meeting, weekly construction site walk/meeting and any necessary ad-hoc meetings to resolve issues.

25. As necessary provide recommendations for any adjustments to meetings structure or procedures for convening, chairing, attendance, function, frequency and responsibility for recording of meetings and circulation of information.

26. Establish, monitor and manage communications, reporting, correspondence and distribution of information.

27. Manage the Project Team and advise client on the need for decisions or approvals from client, so that client has sufficient time to properly make such decisions or approvals without affecting the project schedule.

28. Anticipate project problems and suggesting recommended solutions to the client Construction Manager.

29. Assist and co-operate with the Project Team in identifying the impact which one design may have on another; dealing with any interface issues, proposing solutions and maintaining written notes of issues raised.

30. Review drawings and data submitted by the construction contractor and suppliers for conformance with the intent of the specifications. Informing and obtaining concurrence as needed from the client Construction Manager and keep relevant documentation for project records.

31. Maintaining accurate notes reflecting actual construction details to be used in preparation of as constructed plans.

32. Communicate with landlord, landlord’s contractor (s) and building tenants to resolve issues that may arise due to construction, as required.

33. Coordinate inspections relating to the certificate of occupancy/ final inspection requirements with the certifying authority, track progress, highlight risks and manage close out of items required from all parties.

34. Provide initial, follow-up, and final inspections of work in progress including interim and final

35. Notify contractors and the client Construction Manager of non-compliance with the contract plans and specifications in a timely manner.

36. Assist the General Contractor, Separate Contractors, and OFCI vendors to properly plan for the Commissioning Phase of the Project, including causing adequate offsite and on site testing to be completed and documented in time for the Handover to Commissioning Milestone. Ensure that all files and start-up and testing documents are available on site for the commissioning teams.

37. When required, assist the General Contractor, Separate Contractors, the OFCI vendors, and the client and third-party commissioning teams through the testing sequence and work with the General Contractor, Separate Contractors, the OFCI vendors to address and resolve issues raised on the Commissioning Issues Log during testing

38. Prepare inspection documentation for development of progress payments for the Contractor in accordance with prescribed procedures.

39. Provide liaison and communication to contractor

40. Assist in preparing the final “As-Constructed” plans upon project completion.

41. Assist in preparing punch lists of uncompleted work, non-conformance reports, and deficiency notices.

42. Update and maintain snagging, close-out and other issues lists. Provide status updates on these issues by the close of business each Monday of every week.

43. Assist in preparing responses to contractors’ and suppliers’ requests for information, submittals, change notices, claims, and correspondences.

44. Help resolve site access issues that might occur.

45. Will not be responsible for the quality of the construction or design work or the approval of any drawings prepared by the Project Team, but must notify client of any quality related issues discovered.

46. Will not be required to check, verify, or comment upon any of the Project insurances.

47. Will not authorize any members of the Project Team to incur any costs in connection with the Project.

48. At all times seek to represent the best interests of client and promptly disclose any conflicts of interest which you learn of in connection with your organization or any member of the Project Team

49. Advise client on local laws, building codes, and issues regarding authorities having jurisdiction over the Project.

50. Not contact or interact with any governmental officials unless such specific contact or interaction is pre-approved by client in writing in advance.

51. Comply with client’s policies which client may provide from time to time

52. Manage and monitor project changes, make formal recommendation of all proposed changes and ensure the Change Log is current and accurate.

53. Establish and maintain communication systems so that instructions resulting in changes to client's technical requirements are issued at the proper time and in the proper form.

54. Advise client as is practicable on the schedule implications of proposed changes to client's requirements in accordance with the change management system.

55. Enforce that General Contractor provides a high quality project to client’s satisfaction in accordance with the drawings and specifications produced by client’s design consultants for the Project

56. Monitor communications and distribution of information, and on behalf of client, receive or issue such applications, consents, instructions, notices, requests or statements required

57. Ascertain any client mandatory procedures applicable to the Project and develop compatible and appropriate working methods and procedures.

58. Review drawings and data submitted by the construction contractor and suppliers for conformance with the intent of the specifications. Informing and obtaining concurrence as needed from the client Construction Manager so that the client Construction Manager has sufficient time to properly make decisions or approvals without affecting the Project schedule and keep relevant documentation for project records.

59. Assist the persons and Construction Contractor responsible for health and safety compliance in performance of their duties. Keep client Construction Manager apprised of all health and safety incidents at the Project within 1 hour of occurrence

60. Report to client Construction Manager any delays and/or disruptions and requests for extensions of time by any contractor, and provide assessment and recommendation on validity of these requests.

61. Provide any other owner’s representative services which are reasonable and customary.

62. Assist client in performing an overall evaluation of the Project.

63. All advice, reports and recommendations to client must be provided in writing.




· Degree in Civil / Building Construction

· Relevant technical certification

· Proposed individual must have at least 15 years’ experience in Project Management. Proven record in handling EPC contract for the Hydrogen electrolyser plants in the past.

· Proposed individual must have Mission Critical / Lab / Fit Out specific experience.

· Expertise in design rreview and supervision of construction, testing and commissioning Works

· Proven expertise in

· • EPC contract for the Hydrogen electrolyser plant (including the hydrogen piping to the off-taker site)

· • EMS

· • Option: EPC contract for the Solar Plant split across both sites

· Sound knowledge in quality assurance procedures and HSE plan

· Sound knowledge in the EPC Contractors’ necessary permits / licenses / approvals / consents from the relevant authorities

· Familiarize with the technical interfaces between contractors and third-party system including the Government Agencies’ systems.

· Expertise in the management ofthe overall Project schedule

· Expertise in supervising thetesting/commissioning of plant and equipment and all acceptance and performance tests.

· Skill in Handlingdisputes or differences that may arise between the Company and the EPC Contractors or other parties in association with the Project and assist in settling them.

· Proven skills in maintainingand providing records and documentation for the Project and handover the consolidated document and as-built drawings (as approved by the relevant Government Agency(ies)) to the Company upon completion of the Project

· Time management and organization skill

· Excellent communication skill in English and local languages to communicate with the stakeholders and vendors easily.

· Negotiation skills | Risk analysis skill| High level of business acumen

· Possess good attitude, Proactive

· Project Management skill

· Able to work independently.

Project Schedule / Work Details / Client Expectation of Candidate

· Nature of Project: Construction Expansion Project

· Duration: Starting 1st July 2023 till 31st January 2024

· Working location: A site building in Tampines

· Working days: 6 days’ work week

· Working hours: 9 hours work including one hour lunch break (7.30am-5.30pm)

· Annual, Medical Leave, Insurances, Employer CPF, etc will be covered.

· Monthly Salary: SGD $10-15K

· Client is expecting an individual experienced Project Manager to act as owners Representative, reporting directly to Client Project Manager. This individual is to be based locally. Client is expecting him / her to be on site 4 days on any given week excluding public holidays.


Salary & Benefits

· Monthly basic salary: SGD $10-15K

· Annual: 14 days

· Medical Leave: 14 days

· Medical Insurances, Employer CPF, etc. will be covered.


NB: No quotas for foreigners please


Please send your updated CV in MSWORD at,,mentioning your expected and latest drawn monthly basic salary, notice period and reason for new job opportunity.

Please contact our Consultant Leeza Shaheed (R1770675) for further enquiries about the roles @

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